Residential Home Applications

  • Accent lighting
  • Path lighting, gateways, driveways, walkways and trails
  • Garden lighting
  • Landscape lighting
  • Pools, Jacuzzis, patios, porches, decks and docks
  • Ponds, waterfalls, fountains and ponds
  • Homes, statues, gazeboes and architectural structures
  • Cooking areas, barbeques and sinks
  • Sports court and playground
  • Security and safety lighting

Commercial Applications

  • Subdivision entrances, clubhouses, and walkways
  • Pools, ponds and other water features
  • Commercial properties
  • Municipalities, public facilities and parks
  • Apartments, town homes and condos
  • Sports courts and playgrounds
  • Security and safety lighting
  • Gas Station
  • Theme Parks
  • Banks


Architectural lighting is the use of light to accentuate your home, fountains, statues, columns and other architectural features.

Path lighting leads you down the walk way and drive way providing you with safety and beauty.

Moonlighting and down lighting adds soft lighting and texture to the ground, by placing lights in the tree branches which casts a light downward producing shadow patterns on the ground.

Silhouetting adds drama to enhance the depth of many features.

Cross lighting blends intersecting light to add a greater dimension of light and shadow.

Up lighting is casting light upward to highlight certain features of texture, size, color and other architectural elements.